For over 100 years...

…travelers have come to experience the Russian River Valley. Swimming, floating, paddling, hiking, wineries, eateries, or just relaxing. No matter the season, there’s always something new to experience.

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Our History

The Ridenhour Ranch (now the Mine + Farm Inn) has called the Russian River Valley home for over a century. In fact, the Inn’s historic main house, built by Louis E. Ridenhour, celebrated its 116th birthday in 2022. And it was the rich history of the ranch as much as the serene property it lives on that drew Inn curators Suzanne Szostak and Bryce Skolfield to the area.

Louis E. Ridenhour’s father made the overland passage to California in 1849 from Missouri in search of gold. After working the gold fields near Marysville for less than a year, he hit a small windfall—just enough for a couple of years’ provisions while he settled this property and cleared land for a ranch. As his success grew, he added neighboring lands to Ridenhour ranch and ultimately homesteaded nearly one thousand acres between present-day Hacienda Bridge and Korbel Winery.

It was on a 100-acre parcel of that land that Louis E and his wife Mary, a schoolteacher from the area, built the ranch that Mine+Farm inhabits today. The ranch has been operating as an inn since the late 70s and was one of the first places to cater to the emerging Russian River Valley wine scene.

Inn owners Suzanne and Bryce have been coming to the Russian River Valley for years, building memories with friends and family. The Mine + Farm Inn was a blank canvas with a rich history for them to build a space that had their handprints, love, and ideas woven in to share with the community.

Their shared love of travel and the idea that they could reimagine and refresh the Bed and Breakfast concept led them to create the space you see today; one that goes beyond a series of bedrooms and bathrooms, and cultivates a sense of authentic connection, exploration, and rejuvenation.

Suzanne and Bryce strive to curate a stay that leaves guests nourished and inspired, and with a deeper appreciation for the bounty of the area. Welcome to your home away from home.